NUK® 360 Flow Control Cup, 7OZ, 1PK – Clouds

Take your little one to open-cup drinking in no time. With the adjustable lid design, the NUK® Sip Trainer Cup is a great introductory cup to help teach your baby how sip just like a big kid. Twist the lid to choose one of the 3 flow speeds—Intro, Slow, and Open Flow—to transition your child to drinking from an open-face cup without the frustration of too much water at once. They will become more comfortable tipping and sipping from their cup, as they develop their drinking skills. When your child is done drinking, the toddler cup locks with its twist-to-close lid. The Sip Trainer Cup is easy to clean and assemble, and is the perfect toddler cup for developing natural drinking skills.
  • Supports natural oral and motor skill development to help your child learn to drink like a big kid
  • 3 flow speeds—Intro, Slow, and Open Flow—help your child gradually master open-cup drinking
  • Baby learns how to drink by practicing with just the right amount of liquid in a cup designed to prevent big spills and large gulps
  • Twist-to-close lid for on-the-go convenience
  • Easy to clean and assemble; dishwasher-safe
  • For ages 9 months +
  • Colours: Clouds
  • Model#: 2173825
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Material Type: Silicone


For information about the Nuk Glass bottle recall click here.